Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin Tones

It's no longer true that laser hair removal only works for certain skin tones. Here's the truth about laser hair removal for dark skin tones.

Laser hair removal…

  • is safe and effective for all skin tones.
  • gets you 95%+ hair-free in seven to 10 sessions.
  • eliminates shaving side-effects like folliculitis, ingrown hairs, razor burn, and cuts.
  • costs less than a lifetime of shaving and waxing.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair. Permanently.

clients see 0%+ results

after 7‑10 treatments On average.

after 7‑10 treatments
On average.

Why Laser Hair Removal Is Safe for All Skin Tones

It’s a myth that laser hair removal doesn’t work for darker skin tones. While this may have been true when the FDA first approved laser hair removal in the 1990s, technology has advanced, and laser hair removal is safe for the entire skin tone spectrum.

However, some providers advertise laser hair removal as intense pulsed light (IPL), the same technology found in at-home devices. IPL does not use real laser technology and should never be used on darker skin tones. The IPL can’t differentiate between pigment in the hair and the skin, leading to burns, blisters, and discoloration.

The GentleMax Pro at Milan Laser uses two lasers — the Alexandrite for lighter skin and the Nd:YAG for darker skin. The Nd:YAG technology has a weaker melanin absorption rate and longer wavelengths, making it safe for deeper skin tones.

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Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin Tones

When performed properly, laser hair removal is safe and effective for all skin tones. But do your research before choosing a laser hair removal provider.

  • Technology. Make sure the provider utilizes the right laser technology. The Nd:YAG used at Milan is best for treating darker skin tones.
  • Expertise. Read reviews and ensure the provider has experience treating all skin tones. Milan providers are highly trained medical professionals and Authorized Candela Practitioners™.
  • Life-long results. The Nd:YAG laser often requires more treatments to reach optimal results. Milan includes their exclusive Unlimited Package™ with every purchase, so you get all the treatments needed with no touch-up fees.
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Benefits of the Unlimited Package

At Milan, there’s no paying by the session. We want you to love your results and get all the treatments needed for one affordable price.

Our exclusive Unlimited Package™ comes with every purchase, and we guarantee your results for life. If you experience hormone changes or new hairs show up down the road, we’ll take care of it for you at no additional cost.

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